Concrete slurry tank construction: the basics

Whether built above ground, below ground or partially below ground, slurry tanks (or slurry stores) can be square, rectangular or circular concrete structures. The purpose of these tanks is to provide usable fertiliser that can be later used on land to fertilise crops, from a wide range of unusable materials, including animal waste and hay washed off from dairies, barns and stables.

Here at JP Concrete, we provide everything you need to build a slurry tank to best suit your requirements, as well as installation advice and assistance.

What components are available to help with building a slurry tank?

In order to help build your slurry tank, we provide a selection of prestressed concrete panels, vertical panels and precast retaining wall units.

Prestressed concrete panels can be provided in lengths of up to 6500mm depending on loadings. In conjunction with a steel frame, these panels are attached to the internal face of the tank to ensure that the slurry does not cause damage to any of the steel.

Vertical panels are often found to be the best option since they don’t require steel at all. Instead, they’re embedded into concrete and tied onto floor slabs. A foundation trench is dug initially and steel cradles are set out in order to hold up the panel bottoms for levelling.

Once the panels are supported and in position, they’re attached into the reinforcement and the concrete is then added to secure the panels. The final stage of the process is the introduction of a concrete floor slab for a neat floor-to-wall joint.

L-shaped retaining wall units are also popular and can either be bolted onto a concrete base or cast into new concrete floor slabs. We provide both options but generally recommend the latter due to the corrosive nature of slurry. These units can be used to retain one or both sides for convenience.

Our expert team can provide assistance and solutions on which panel and wall option would be best suited depending on your requirements – whether that be underground concrete slurry tanks or one that sits above ground.


Are concrete slurry channels also provided?

In addition to concrete panels and retaining wall units, we also provide concrete slurry channels if you require moving slurry to and between different tanks. These channels are smoothly moulded to allow the slurry to flow freely with the assistance of water and gravity.

Fitting together neatly with a tongue and groove joint that can be sealed with a watertight finish, these units are designed for quick, easy and convenient installation.

In addition to the channels, precast end units (complete with outlet holes), solid covers and diagonal, slatted covers (measuring 1000m x 2400m x 7”) can also be provided, with the latter available in two different types: vehicle-loading slats or standard cattle slats.

Our concrete slurry channels are available in two sizes: 2400mm (L) x 1000mm (W) x 1000mm (H) and 2400mm (L) x 810mm (W) x 500mm (H).


Are there any risks associated with installing concrete slurry tanks?

Because of the decomposition of waste materials taking place in the concrete floor-tanking, slurry can cause gases to arise from the area, which can be lethal should separate air tanks not be provided. The danger with these gases is that they are often odourless, causing poison and suffocation without forewarning.

Is an installation service provided when purchasing the components for a concrete slurry tank?

As with all of our concrete products, we offer a full installation service from our experienced team who operate throughout the UK. Each member of the team has worked on a wide range of precast concrete projects, and is fully qualified to assist with the installation of your slurry tank.

Our team is experienced in all areas of health and safety and works hard to ensure that any installation is carefully planned and implemented.


How much do the components of slurry tanks cost?

Here at JP Concrete, we offer competitive rates on everything you need to help build your slurry tank. If you’d like a fast no-obligation quote, please get in touch with our friendly team on  01158 220 282.

They will discuss the best slurry tank options for you, as well as address any concerns or questions you have about installation and maintenance. For a competitive quote, free installation advice and flexible solutions, we’ve got it covered.