Concrete retaining walls: your new go-to storage solution

Finding storage solutions for your building project can be a challenge, especially for large volumes of materials, and certainly for liquids. Getting the storage unit to be robust enough to hold large amounts of liquid can be difficult to get right.

The unit needs to be sealed properly to prevent any leakages, so if you’re looking to store liquids, or indeed any other material, it’s important to consider your options before you construct your storage unit.

Here at JP Concrete, our customers regularly ask us for our recommendations on creating the perfect storage unit. Customers often need to store a variety of materials, sometimes in large quantities, and they also need to be able to create divisions between each type of material.

If you’re looking to create a robust and durable storage facility, then one option we offer is our concrete bolt-down retaining walls. These retaining walls have been designed to withstand severe exposure, they can retain large volumes of materials and they are quick and simple to install.

But what makes bolt-down retaining walls the most efficient and cost-effective option for storage solutions? Let’s take a closer look.


What are bolt-down retaining walls?

Bolt-down retaining walls are concrete panels which can be secured to a reinforced concrete strip foundation, or to an existing concrete foundation. The panels come with 90-degree corner units that allow you to construct storage bays with ease and once the units have been secured to a foundation, they require no additional fixing whatsoever.


Where can you source concrete bolt-down retaining walls for sale?

If you’re looking for bolt-down retaining walls, UK-based customers have a choice of suppliers. However, if you want to purchase any precast concrete products, it’s important to be sure that you’re getting value for money and a high-specification product that’s fit for purpose.

Here at JP Concrete, we manufacture and supply a variety of bolt-down retaining walls which come in a range of dimensions for you to choose from. All of our concrete products are built to last, made in a factory-controlled environment and designed to British Standards 8110-1:1997.


What sizes do the concrete retaining walls come in?

We know that one storage unit can vary dramatically to the next and so flexibility is key. We supply a number of different dimensions for you to choose from so that you can be sure the panels are small or large enough for your project. We have a variety of heights, widths and thicknesses.

We have a vast range of L shape bolt down retaining walls with varying heights, lengths and thicknesses. We can go down as small as 500mm and up to 6000mm high. The standard width of a unit is 1000mm however where speed of installation is key we do units up to 6000mm wide. Please give us a call and we can go through the various options to see what is most suitable for you.


How are the concrete panels delivered and installed?

Since the panels have been manufactured to make construction fairly simple, very often our customers don’t need any extra support with installation and they are happy to install the panels themselves.

However, if you need installation assistance, whether it be creating a large-scale storage facility or simply just installing a concrete retaining wall, UK customers are eligible to take advantage of our bespoke installation and delivery service.

We operate throughout the UK and our experienced teams have worked on a wide range of precast concrete projects, from the smaller storage units to the much larger, multi-material storage facilities, so just ask a member of our team about how our installation service works.

We hope that you have found this guide on bolt-down retaining walls useful. We’ve helped many customers to design and build a storage unit which is both easy to install and durable and robust enough to withhold large volumes of materials.

If you’d like more information on installation, or help with choosing the panels with the right dimensions, just give a member of our team a call today on 01158 220 282. Storage solutions needn’t be a headache. Contact us today and get your storage facility off to a flying start!