Concrete Panels For Silage Clamps

Storing silage is a big issue on farms: creating a strong, long-lasting pit for your silage is an extremely worthwhile investment and the right materials can make all the difference.

The prestressed concrete wall panels that we provide offer an excellent solution, using know how and design expertise, we can help to create something that allows you to operate machinery freely around the pit. Plus you’ll be safe in the knowledge that the concrete is built to last and can withstand any knocks that might occur.


Glebe Farm

We recently worked with a farmer in Newquay who was creating two big grass and maize silage clamps. After installing the 4m-high clamps, the structure was ready to be used straight away. We used our 1m-high panels to create the right height, fixing them together with their tongue and groove profile to form a strong connection.

After discussing the project with the client, we all agreed that our 180mm-thick panels were the best product for the job, given that the bay centres were 5 metres long. We delivered the panels on a flatbed truck and offloaded them using a forklift, making the job that little bit easier for the construction team.


Precast Retaining Walls

Although Glebe Farm opted for our prestressed panels, we’ve also created silage clamps for other clients by using our L-shaped, precast retaining walls. These can be cast into a new concrete floor slab, creating a smooth join at the base, or bolted onto an existing concrete base. Suitable for retaining on both sides, our L shaped retaining walls are sometimes the preferable option for building silage clamps. It really depends on the project.


Talk to us

Whatever your project, JP Concrete can help. If you’re not sure which products are right for you, or if you’re pretty sure concrete’s the best option but need some professional advice, just give us a call.

If you’re working with a project manager, put them in touch and we’ll talk through the various options with them. We’re always happy to answer questions with total honesty, giving you the support you need to make the right decisions for your project.