Concrete Panels For Horse Stables

We love seeing how versatile our products can be and nothing proves that more than when we take on something totally new.

That’s what happened recently when we were asked to help out with the construction of a stable.

By their nature, these buildings have to be pretty strong to put up with disgruntled occupants and the daily wear that that such large, strong animals can cause.

We were thrilled with the end result, and so was the client: “We are really pleased with the stables and the concrete panels have worked out as a great choice. They were easy to install and paint, and provide a secure, economical and durable solution”.


We used our 1,000mm prestressed concrete panels to construct the perimeter walls of the building and then Yorkshire boarding was added above.

The internal walls were then constructed with blockwork and rendered once finished. The entire design was finished off with some really quite stylish black and cream paintwork and, if we may say so, the finished product looks pretty fantastic. We’re proud to add it to our portfolio.



Because of their solid nature and the fact that we can custom-manufacture our concrete panels, they’re an increasingly popular choice for project managers who need reliable materials. They can be used horizontally between steel panels, or cast vertically into concrete foundation slabs, removing the need for steel supports.

Our concrete panels come in a variety of thickness, length and height and their tongue and groove fittings on the top and bottom edges allow for fast construction and a strong, clean finish.

We love finding new uses for our concrete panels to add to the growing list. So on top of constructing:


We can now add stylish horse houses to the list! If you need help with any of these projects, just give us a call.

Or perhaps you have a project that isn’t on the list above. If so, put us to the test and see if we can help you come up with a solid, reliable and cost-effective structure that’s certain to stand the test of time. You could be the next project on our list!