Concrete Allegro blocks: the go-to solution for custom building projects

We’re often asked about the best way to build retaining walls and storage bays with the limited space available. Storage bays can be particularly tricky to design if there’s not much space for large foundations – or you need flexibility for storing different quantities of materials.

You may also need to consider some kind of cover or roof for your storage area if being exposed to the Great British weather might damage the contents.

With so many options available, how do you work out the best product or method of construction for your site? Read on to find out why we will often recommend concrete allegro blocks for these types of jobs.

Concrete lego block storage bay

How much do concrete Allegro blocks cost?

Interlocking concrete blocks are a very popular precast product and – as a result – many companies are casting these all across the UK.

We use a specific C40 mix for casting so our blocks are only poured once. We don’t include recycled materials and don’t use multiple pours from left-over mixes.

The price for our blocks start at £87.50 +VAT – but as every job is different, we like to talk to you to see what you need for your specific job. If you need a quick quote, give us a call on – 0115 822 0282.


How are concrete blocks delivered to your site?

Our transport team will deliver the blocks to the site. There are two options for the type of vehicle – articulated flatbed or craned vehicle (HIAB). If you don’t have lifting equipment on site then the HIAB option will save you having to hire plant for the job.

We always have a good number of interlocking blocks in stock, so depending on the number required, you should have your blocks delivered within 24-48 hours of ordering.

Concrete Lego Block Delivery

How are Allegro blocks installed?

Installation of the concrete blocks is quick and easy. Units are cast with pins in the top of the units, while shackles are hooked over and then connected to chains/slings. These are used to off-load deliveries and to move into position.

The concrete blocks interlock on the top and bottom and vertical joints are staggered. The process is similar to building a brick wall – making everything very secure.

 Allegro® Block Lifting System

Is there an installation option for the blocks?

Absolutely. In addition to the HIAB off-load, we can take care of the full installation and construction of the blocks for you. We’ll provide all the required lifting equipment, site team, method statement and risk assessment.

If you’d like more information on this, you can go to our installation page, or give the team a call and they’ll talk you through the options.


What sizes do interlocking blocks come in?

We have three ranges of concrete blocks which means you can build walls of almost any size:

Each size has its own advantage – for example:

  • You can get 22 of the 1.5m blocks on a load = fewer delivery loads
  • The 1.6m blocks are wider and heavier = can retain heavier materials
  • The 1.8m blocks are the longest in the range = quicker to install

As well as the full blocks we also have spreader blocks to widen the base, pointed capping blocks to stop material collecting on the top of the wall – and shorter blocks for finishing ends of walls.


Concrete Lego Blocks

What next?

If you need a quick quote or some more information on the interlocking concrete blocks, give us a call on 0115 822 0282.

If you need more help on the design of a wall or you’d like to chat about our installation services – you can speak to the contracts team direct on 01949 482 333