How is concrete flood defence supplied?

The scale of flood defence is vast, so our wide range of concrete flood defence options aims to provide a suitable solution for every customer’s need.

Whether you require concrete flood defence walls set in steel framework or precast flood defence walls that free stand, our cost-effective and long-lasting products are available in a wide range of different heights and sizes to suit every project. JP Concrete offers the following solutions in the fight against flood damage:


L-shape retaining walls

Quick and easy to install, L-shape retaining walls are built to withstand severe exposure, and so will prepare your site for the threat of floods. Manufactured with reinforcement bars to allow for casting the units straight into a reinforced concrete floor slab, L-shape retaining walls are ideal for storage bays – particularly if you’re storing effluent and aqueous materials.

Another benefit of these walls is that no additional fixing is required after the units have been secured to the foundation, making them ideal for sites without existing framework in place.


Prestressed concrete panels

Whether installed vertically or horizontally, prestressed concrete panels offer the convenience of custom lengths, heights and thicknesses to suit every customer’s requirements as well simple construction and self-installation. Prestressed concrete panels have a strong, clean finish and are a much stronger product compared to reinforced panels.

For added ease, all panels are supplied with galvanised steel fixing bolts and plates and sealant is provided for panels measuring 150mm and 180mm.


Vertical concrete panels

If you require a retaining wall with no framework, vertical concrete panels are a suitable choice. There is no risk of obstruction thanks to the lack of protruding toes, and the panels are quick and easy to install yourself. Vertical concrete panels do not require steel frameworks, making them ideal for storing corrosives such as slurry.


Concrete Lego blocks

Built using freeze thaw-resistant concrete to withstand harsh conditions and heavy punishment, concrete Lego blocks offer a flexible and strong solution to the issue of flood threat. Quick and easy to install and available in a wide variety of dimensions and weights, concrete Lego blocks do not require groundwork or fixing, saving additional time and money.


Freestanding retaining walls

Available in heights of up to 3.5 metres, freestanding retaining walls are easy to configure and are ideal if you’re looking to create a storage bay for grain stores, recycling centres, silage clamps, aggregate bays and waste transfer solutions. Prestressed in a factory-controlled environment, freestanding retaining walls are designed to stand alone and prove a strong and cost-effective method of flood defence.

We understand that it may be difficult to determine the best product for your needs, so for advice and assistance in choosing the most suitable option, please call us on 01273 646 450 and our friendly team will be able to help.


Do you offer installation assistance with your flood defence products?

At JP Concrete, we are proud to offer installation and advice with all of our products. From selection through to delivery and installation, our friendly team operates throughout the UK, and considers high standards of health and safety and injury and incident-free working paramount.

Each member of our experienced team is CPCS and CSCS qualified and holds CCNSG (Client Contractor National Safety Group) Safety passports, plus many are NVQ qualified.

How much does concrete flood defence cost?

Because of the variety of concrete flood defence options available and the sizes and weights offered, it is difficult to be specific about prices. If you have questions about our costs or are looking for advice before deciding on the best product for your flood defence needs, please call us on 01158 220 282 for a free no-obligation quote.

Alternatively, please use our online form and a representative will get back to you with a personalised quote within four hours.