Concrete cladding panels – what are the top five advantages?

Concrete cladding panels are extremely popular, especially for agricultural and industrial units. But what is concrete cladding and why has it become so commonplace for interior and exterior applications? Let’s take a look at the reasons why you might need to use concrete cladding panels.


What are concrete cladding panels?

Concrete cladding panels are made from robust and durable concrete and are applied to the inside or outside of a building to either improve the aesthetic value or to improve the building’s durability. Cladding itself can be made from a variety of different materials, such as brick, stone and sometimes even wood, but concrete cladding has a much wider range of benefits than any other type of cladding material.


1. Cost effectiveness

One of the most important advantages of using concrete cladding panels either on the exterior or the interior of a building is that it is fairly inexpensive to install. Concrete itself is a very cost-effective material to use on any building as it offers long-lasting results but at the fraction of the cost of some other cladding materials.

Concrete cladding panels cost is one of the main reasons why this option has become so popular over time. Also, it’s worth remembering that concrete cladding panels can offer potential tax advantages thanks to the Annual Investment Allowances (AIA) legislation.


2. Durability and performance

In addition to concrete cladding panels cost being relatively low, another reason why concrete cladding panels are so popular is because they offer unbeatable protection against weather and erosion. Concrete cladding can withstand the effects of cold and wet weather, offering all-year-round protection and peace of mind.


3. Resistance to rust, fire and termites

Not only do concrete cladding panels provide exceptional durability against adverse weather conditions, they are also resistant to rust, fire and termites which is always a key priority for any building owner.


4. High-performance insulation

Concrete cladding panels not only weather the elements during the cold and wet seasons, they also have fantastic insulating properties which help to keep the room temperature at a reasonable level, no matter what the time of year.


5. Low-maintenance upkeep

Concrete cladding panels require very little maintenance so once they are installed you don’t need to worry about regular upkeep work on the panels. The only maintenance required with concrete cladding panels is regular cleaning or repainting the panels to improve the aesthetic appeal.

In addition to the above advantages, another reason why concrete cladding panels are so popular is because they are designed to provide the ultimate flexibility for any building project. The panels are easy to install and just as easy to remove, making them the perfect choice for both permanent and temporary structures.


How to install concrete cladding panels

If you’ve decided that concrete cladding panels are the right choice for your building project but you’re unsure how to install the panels, you can ask our friendly and helpful team for advice. With spans of up to 6m, heights of 10m and tongue and groove fitting, installation could not be easier. Non-load-bearing panels are 100mm in thickness and can be easily clipped to the face of the steels with minimal effort required.

If you’d rather not install the cladding yourself and don’t have the labour force on site to help with installation, our precast concrete installation services is the perfect solution. If you’d like our team to install the cladding for you, you just need to arrange a time and date with our team for them to arrive on site with the panels and they will take care of this for you.

Our team members have a great deal of experience in fitting cladding to many different types of buildings and would be happy to work with you on your project.

Contact us today on 01158 220 282 to tell us a bit more about your requirements and our team will give you their professional recommendations. They can advise you on the number of concrete cladding panels you will need for your building and the suggested dimensions per panel.

Install concrete cladding panels on your building today and see for yourself what a big impact they can make.