Concrete Barriers For Hire

Precast concrete barriers are always a popular choice for various projects across the UK. But what if you only need them for a short period of time?

Buying concrete barriers isn’t always the most cost-effective way of managing your project. Plus concrete barriers are pretty huge and very heavy, so finding storage for them between projects can be a pain in the neck. Hiring them on a per-project basis is the easiest way around this.


Concrete Barrier Uses

Concrete barriers are great for a variety of projects. At JP Concrete, we’ve worked with hundreds of clients to control vehicular or pedestrian access within certain areas. We’ve helped them to create safety barriers, wall supports and bridges. And we’ve even helped local councils to use concrete barriers to prevent unwanted visitors trespassing on vacant sites.

All these projects are temporary in nature, so we’ve worked out hire contracts for each one.


High Quality

JP Concrete’s concrete barriers, whether hired or purchased, are all manufactured to the highest quality and they meet stringent industry standards. The barriers are all cast from the same premium, high quality concrete that goes into the rest of our precast range.

Our barriers are robust, secure and versatile, making them the perfect product for your project.


A Variety of Lengths

Our concrete barriers come in a choice of lengths, the standards being 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m Jersey Barrier and 3m. The 3000mm-long barriers can be bolted together and you can even hire barriers that have been precast with grooves and top lifters for ease of moving.


Fence Panels

At JP, our concrete barriers for hire can also be supplied with additional fence panels. These attach securely on top of the barrier and provide additional security should your project require it. This is particularly useful when you’re guarding areas of land or in any other situation when protective height is an advantage.


Branded Up

Good concrete barrier hire providers like us also offer the opportunity to have your barriers painted or even branded up with your company logos and/or colours. This is fantastic particularly when you’re running an event and you need additional opportunities to get your name out. You may find, however, that you need to hire the barriers for a certain period of time to benefit from this extra.


Precast Delivery

Concrete barriers are obviously pretty hefty products and they can be a bit of a pain to move around. But JP Concrete can deliver the barriers right to your site (whether you’re there on not) on an appropriate vehicle such as a HIAB or Moffet truck.

JP’s delivery drivers are happy to offload the barriers for you, put them in place and then come and pick them up when you no longer need them. This kind of flexibility is essential when you’re looking for a concrete barrier hire company.


Our concrete barrier hire service

You’ll find the team at JP Concrete tremendously helpful when it comes to choosing, ordering and arranging delivery of your concrete barriers. We’ve helped countless clients across the UK with protecting sites, creating roadblocks and channelling crowds at major festivals.

We’ve helped people troubleshoot their projects to come to sensible, cost-effective decisions and we can do the same for you.

We tailor each hire service to the client, keeping things as simple and as cost-effective as possible. Our concrete barrier hire contracts are flexible and range from one week to one year so there’s always the perfect option for your project. And when you don’t need them any more, you just call us up and we’ll come and take them away again. Simple as that!


So if we can help you with your next project or if you have any questions about concrete barriers for hire, please feel very welcome to get in touch. You can contact us via Facebook or Twitter, fill in our contact form or call us on 0115 895 6799.