A closer look at salt storage buildings

Salt is, by its nature, an awkward material to store as it is extremely sensitive to moisture and environmental conditions. If it’s not stored properly it can quickly become unusable, which can cause huge problems, especially when the demand for salt is high in the cold winter months.

It is also extremely corrosive, so a salt storage building’s construction materials needs to be carefully considered to ensure the structure’s fit for purpose.

Salt storage facilities, sometimes known as salt barns, range from small plastic containers to purpose-built buildings, the construction of which requires careful thought. It is vital to get the construction of these salt storage buildings right in order to protect the contents.


How is a salt storage building constructed?

Salt barn walls are usually constructed with an L-shaped retaining wall unit. At JP Concrete we can provide precast concrete retaining walls up to the height of 3.8m, which can be erected either with a pitched or domed roof depending on the amount of salt storage space you require.

We offer a few different options for the concrete retaining walls, depending on your specific needs, budget and the space available for your new structure.


Which salt storage building construction materials are best for retaining walls?

We can provide a number of different concrete products that can be used to create the retaining walls. One of the most popular options to create salt storage retaining walls is to work with interlocking concrete blocks.

The installation process is quick and simple as the blocks are easy to lift and conveniently interlock to form a strong structure. Lego blocks are particularly useful for temporary salt storage structures as they require no groundwork and don’t need fixing, meaning the structure can be both constructed and dismantled with minimum time (and budget)) involved. The Lego blocks can then be stored for future use.

Freestanding retaining walls are another good option for salt storage as they can be easily moved around. Another advantage is that you don’t need to do any groundwork as they support themselves with their own weight.

Precast retaining walls are an increasingly popular choice. These can be cast into a concrete base which means there are no exposed steel fixings – which can easily corrode. Precast retaining walls can simply be bolted down if necessary and the fixings we use are designed to prevent salt corrosion.

We also recommend prestressed concrete panels for erecting salt storage retaining walls. They are designed to be used with steel frames but can also be fixed in place with vertical cantilever panels.

Whichever option you choose, we can supply the perfect concrete materials for the construction of your salt storage building, helping to make sure that your salt remains in a good condition, especially during the colder months.

All of our precast concrete products are designed to BS 8110-1:1997 standard, creating only the finest concrete which can withstand exposure to severe weather conditions.


How much do salt storage buildings cost?

Cost of materials will vary hugely depending on the size of your salt storage building and the type of construction material you end up choosing. If you’re looking for an idea of cost for your project, contact our team and we will be able to give you an initial estimate for building your salt storage structure based on a few pieces of information.


Do you deliver construction materials?

Yes, absolutely. If you are looking to have concrete materials delivered to your site, the team at JP Concrete can organise a convenient time and date for delivery.

We can deliver your choice of salt storage building construction materials directly to your site and, if you don’t have access to lifting equipment, we can deliver the materials on a craned vehicle.

If you know you’d like to built a salt storage building but you’re unsure which construction materials would be best for your project, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experienced team here at JP Concrete.

Whether you are looking to build a temporary or permanent structure, we will be happy to discuss your specific requirements and recommend the best option for you.

Give us a call on 0115 895 8675 and discover how you can create an effective storage unit that offers year-round protection to your salt.