The Importance of CE Marking

Since 1st July 2013, new regulations have been introduced which have affected manufacturers of construction products across the construction industry. The regulations mean that any construction products manufactured to harmonised European standard, must now be CE marked.

Our responsibilities

Here at JP Concrete, we take changes to legislation and new regulations very seriously. We want to be sure that our customers’ experience of purchasing any JP Concrete products is of the highest quality. Additionally, our customers’ safety is of paramount importance to us, so we ensure that our products are manufactured with your safety very much in mind. Since the regulations were introduced by the Construction Products Regulation (also known as CPR), we have assessed our product range and ensured that any products which are affected by these regulations, have been professionally CE marked.

In a nutshell

You may or may not be aware of the recent introduction of these regulations, so we have provided an explanation of what these changes mean to you or your business, which is shown below. If you have any questions about these new regulations or you’d like to discuss what impact this may have on you, our expert team will be very happy to help.

What is CE marking?

CE marking is a standard way of marking products, giving the customer details of the important physical and technical properties of each product. One of the most important elements of CE marking is safety information relating to each product, so the customer can use the product in a safe way. CE marking is also a very good way of reassuring the customer that the product complies with performance standards and is of the highest quality.

CE marking also gives the customer – whether it be a customer buying materials for their house, or a builder’s merchant sourcing products for their latest building project – the opportunity to compare products like-for-like. There are many manufacturers of concrete products, so the customer needs to be able to assess each product to be sure that it is fit for purpose. Therefore, the recent addition of CE marking on particular products has made it that much easier for the customer to make an informed decision and purchase a product that is right for them and their project.

CE marking offers peace of mind to the customer, so we have welcomed the introduction of these new regulations and we have adjusted our products accordingly.

Which of our products have been CE marked?

Since the new regulations have been in place, we have reviewed our product range. We have introduced CE marking to a selection of our products. Our concrete panels are now fully CE marked. These panels are perfect for agricultural and industrial buildings, salt barns, storage bays, grain stores, waste transfer and recycling yards. The panels also come in a variety of thicknesses, lengths and heights. We have also added CE marking to our freestanding and L-shaped retaining walls which are perfect for waste and recycling storage, grain stores and other types of storage bay.

Who is responsible for ensuring products are CE marked?

In short, any person or organisation who is involved in the supply and procurement of construction products. Of course the CE marking responsibility lies mainly with the manufacturer of the product, but any other suppliers to the manufacturer must also ensure that the products are CE marked.

If products are not properly CE marked, then there could be very serious consequences. Claims for negligence could be filed against the manufacturer and Trading Standards would also investigate the matter thoroughly. Failure to CE mark products could also potentially result in an accident, in which case the repercussions could be very serious.

Here to help

The issue of CE marking can be a complex subject matter but we hope that this guide will help to simplify the new regulations and explain why CE marking is necessary. Should there be any additional regulations which relate to our business or our range of concrete products, then we will keep you of course updated on this website.

The team at JP Concrete is on hand and more than happy to answer any questions you may have about CE marking so please do get in touch if you have any queries.