Discover The Best Precast Products For Constructing A Concrete Slurry Store

If you are looking to create a slurry store to convert organic matter into fertiliser for later use on crops, then look no further! We have all the information you need on what products are suitable for building a below ground, or above ground, slurry storage facility.


What Products Are Available for Slurry Storage?

We have a number of products which are suitable for building a slurry store, such as prestressed concrete panels, vertical panels and precast retaining wall units.

Our prestressed concrete panels allow for quick and easy construction of walls. Panels come in thicknesses of up to 280mm, lengths up to 6500mm and heights of up to 1500mm (although height can be increased if required).

Panels are supplied with all the necessary fixings and we can supply you with lifting shackles to manoeuvre panels if needed. Alternatively, if you need assistance with installation we offer a full installation service. More information can be found below.

L-shaped retaining wall units are a popular choice when creating slurry stores. Units are cast into concrete floor slabs, creating a solid base which is perfect for the storage of slurry.

These units are ideal for creating storage areas as they have no protruding base. Units are available in heights up to 3800mm and lengths of 1000mm.


How Are Items Installed and Do You Offer an Installation Service?

The installation process depends on which product you decide to use for your slurry store.

Prestressed concrete panels can be installed horizontally between steel columns or alternatively be used vertically by being cast into a concrete foundation slab (no need for steel supports), while L-shaped units are cast straight into a reinforced concrete floor slab.

If you decide to use prestressed concrete panels for your slurry store, we advise that they are cast into a concrete slab as organic matter can be very corrosive and may have a degenerative effect on any steel columns used in construction.


What is the Maximum Slurry Store Capacity?

The maximum slurry store capacity is dependent on the amount of space you have available for the construction of your slurry store and is limited by the height of the wall panels installed. We typically recommend keeping the retaining walls to 4m or below.


How Much Does a Slurry Store Cost?

The cost of building and installing a slurry store will depend on the product you decide to use for construction. For a free quote, contact one of our expert team.


What Other Products Are Available for Managing Slurry?

If you require safe and steady flow of slurry to, or between, stores then our precast slurry channels are a great option. Our channels have a smooth finish, allowing slurry to flow freely with the aid of gravity and water.

More details of our precast slurry channels can be found here. If you would like more information on any of our precast products or services, or would like a free quote, then give us a call on 01158 220 282.