Benefits Of Using Precast Concrete

In construction, we firmly believe that precast concrete is almost always the best choice and we’re passionate about spreading the news.

There are so many benefits that we could wax on for hours! But we’ve narrowed down seven of our favourites and listed them below. If you’re on the fence about using precast concrete, allow us to bring you down firmly onto our side as we explain the benefits of using precast concrete.


Time efficient

This is top of many builders’ lists. A faster construction time means early completion, money saved and very happy customers. Using precast concrete can, on average, shave 20% off the average time of a construction project. While the foundation work is taking place on site, the rest of the structure can be built in the factory, ready for immediate installation when the site area is ready to receive.


Accurate & cost-effective

Because units such as precast concrete panels are created in a factory, the accuracy of measurements and quality of the finished product is far more dependable. What’s more, compared to structures that are cast in situ, factory-produced precast concrete reduces the amount of on-site supervision needed, cutting even more costs.


Sound Resistant

If you’re keen that your finished structure should provide great sound resistance, precast concrete is definitely the best option. Precast concrete structures meet top standards for sound resistance. As an example, tests have shown that a 150mm precast concrete floor offers airborne sound insulation of 50db.


Environmentally Friendly

Using a precast system for construction can significantly decrease the amount of waste material that is generated on the average site. Plus using precast concrete units can minimise the whole life cycle on our environment because almost the entire structure can be reused or recycled.



And the best part: precast concrete units are often the most cost-effective choice. Considering its extremely high quality, the reduction in construction costs and the relatively low repair costs, using precast concrete can save you money on so many levels.



There’s no doubting the sheer strength of precast concrete and it’s proven to lasts for decades. If you’re planning on creating a structure that’s built to last, why wouldn’t you use highly durable materials? By the way, if you have any questions on how to design the most durable structure, we can offer some expert advice.



The beauty of precast concrete units is that they can be whatever you need them to be. Take our concrete barriers and concrete jersey barriers, which can be finished in any colour you like and even bear your company logo. If you have specific requirements for the shape, size and colour of your precast units, chances are we can turn out exactly what you need. Just ask!

So there you have it our benefits of using precast concrete. Are you on our side now? We’re available if you want to talk about the potential of your project. Call us today on 01273 646450 or get in touch via Facebook or Twitter.