Agricultural Buildings Planning Changes: what do the rule changes mean?

Up until May of this year, developments to any agricultural building less than 500 square metres were subject to planning rules and regulations if their conversion would change their use. For many farmers, this was a huge bug bear seeing as it added endless time and paperwork to what was already a time-consuming process. It also left many farm buildings unused.

But now that the rules have been changed, smaller agricultural buildings can be converted without the need for planning consent. This means that plenty of redundant buildings can now be given a face lift without the need for acres of paperwork. This in turn can have a huge impact on the income of any busy farm, turning defunct areas into useful, hard-wearing storage areas.


What to do?

If you have an unused building, you might consider turning it into a grain store or a new home for your livestock. Choosing from JP Concrete’s wide range of concrete products is the easiest and most cost-effective way to create exactly the structure you require, to dimensions that suit your needs.

Freestanding concrete walls are the perfect product for creating grain stores. Relying on their own weight to stand up (although they can be fixed down), these walls can be moved around as required and are sturdy enough to withstand bumps and knocks from farmyard vehicles.

Creating purpose-built grain stores is the best way to ensure your grain is kept under the right conditions: dry, aerated and at a low, regulated temperature.

If you’re building a home for livestock, prestressed concrete wall panels are perfect for creating bays within a building. Again, because of the robust nature of the product, these bays are capable of putting up with plenty of punishment – crucial when you’re accommodating lots of strapping cattle!

Any farm can always do with another storage building or two. Using precast concrete products, you can split up the interior of these buildings to create bays that are perfect for whatever you’re storing.


Here to help

At JP Concrete, we’ve worked with many farmers across the country, helping them to create structures on which they can rely and which bring added functionality to their land. Prestressed concrete panels are immensely popular in the farming community because of their durability, quality and cost-effectiveness.

What’s more, they are manufactured off-site and delivered ready for use, cutting down the construction time and allowing you to get on with any foundation work that’s needed for your structure.

If these rule changes mean that you can finally make use of those redundant buildings on your land, get in touch today to talk through the options.

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