5 Things You Might Not Know About Concrete Allegro Blocks

We’ve been manufacturing precast concrete blocks for many years now, and they’ve always been one of our most popular products. But in recent months, demand has started to grow even further and we’re producing more of these blocks than ever.

It’s likely that the UK public is beginning to cotton on to the fact that interlocking blocks are far more versatile than they might have originally thought.

So, based on the conversations we’ve had over the last year, here is our list of the top 5 things many of our customers were surprised to find out about our interlocking concrete blocks.


1. They’re incredibly – and we mean incredibly – durable

Perhaps it’s something to do with their plastic namesakes, but Lego blocks are sometimes not considered for many building projects.

Projects for which they’d be the absolutely perfect solution, like a concrete Lego block retaining wall.

JP Concrete Lego building blocks are built with freeze-thaw resistant concrete, meaning that they can be employed in even the harshest environments, and their unbeatable, built-to-last strength means they can cope with high load bearings.


2. They’re fast to install

Our Lego blocks are manufactured with lifting anchors cast into each and every unit, meaning they’re incredibly easy to lift and manoeuvre into place. And the fixing nipples to the top of every block allow them to interlock neatly and securely, creating a strong finish to a range of structures.

This all means that no foundations are needed before working with Lego blocks, and you won’t need to use any fixings or grout for projects like concrete Lego block walls. So your project can be completed at lightning speeds, with no compromise on quality.

The speed of installation also means that project costs can be slashed, and less manpower is needed.


3. They come in a variety of sizes

Many of our customers come to us expecting to have limited choice when it comes to concrete Lego block dimensions. But the beauty of precast concrete Lego type blocks is that they can be manufactured to a range of sizes to suit your project. Give us a call to talk your project through if you’re not sure which dimensions are right for you.

Of course, if you opt for our standard sizes, we already have plenty of those in stock. So we can get those over to you rapidly. Which brings us to our next point…


4. Delivery doesn’t cost the earth

And you don’t have to organise any of it, we’ll take care of things. Yes, concrete Lego building blocks are pretty heavy and there will be costs incurred, but they’ll be as low as we can possibly manage. Plus your concrete block order will be delivered to you, at a time which suits you, on a flatbed or craned vehicle depending on how we’re going to be offloading the products.

If you don’t have any access to lifting equipment, it’s not a problem. Our craned vehicle can offload and place the retaining wall blocks for you.


5. They can create temporary or permanent structures

A lot of customers initially believe that precast concrete Lego blocks are only good for temporary structures. We say they are perfect for creating temporary structures, because they be taken apart simply and quickly to be reused elsewhere.

But what many people don’t realise is that Lego blocks are also fit for permanent purpose. They can be locked together to create sturdy structures that are suitable for immediate use. And whatever you’re creating, you can be certain that it’s built to last.


Get in touch

So if you think our Lego blocks could be the answer to whatever project you’re planning, get in touch with our team today. Providing you contact us during business hours, we’ll be able to get a full quote back to you within two hours.

Not only do we offer affordable, high-quality products, we put a lot of effort into our customer care. So if you have any questions or anything’s not quite right, you can pick up the phone and we’ll resolve your questions in no time at all. It’s all part of our ‘peace of mind’ guarantee.

So call us today on 0115 895 2267 to order your concrete Lego blocks for swift delivery.